Why Government Spending Can Be Bad For The Economy

One of the reasons that people are so upset and confused about the state of our economy is that many people believe that government spending has a lot to do with why things are not working. If you think about it, we are able to pull together hundreds of millions of dollars in an instant just to give aid to foreign countries, attack other countries that need to be stopped, but yet people are unable to find jobs, get proper health care, and all of the other things that help this country function. In reality, without people working, without happy citizens, it’s not possible for the government to run because they do not have the taxes necessary to keep functioning. Here is an overview of why government spending can be bad for the economy and it’s not just about money.

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Morale Of The People

When you see news stories about how our government is able to spend so much money on things related to the military, on joint ventures with other countries helping them to get back on their feet, yet we are unable to help our own citizens, it does not motivate people to try to find gainful employment, pay their taxes, or think that we live in the greatest nation in the world. In reality, the United States is at the top of the list for the best place to have freedom, to be your own person, and to be an entrepreneur. But it is confusing as to why other countries like Canada, England, Australia and many others are able to have happy citizens, they get plenty of time off from work, and have health benefits from day one, yet they are not the great country that America is. How is that possible? Why is it in possible for our country to copy the success that we have seen with other countries in regard to how positive the morale is for their citizens? It has a lot to do with government spending and what they do with the money.


If more of the money that was spent for military ventures, or projects that have nothing to do with our citizens, was redirected into healthcare, providing jobs for people, and making it a more pleasant place to live in regard to having time off, less hours at work, essentially copying what other countries are doing that have great rapport with their citizens, by limiting government spending in areas that are not related to the people who actually pay the taxes, we would end up with a much more positive ways to live, a place where our company would begin to move up in a positive direction that would make everyone much more happy and productive.